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Open Spa, your Spa in Ibiza

When taking care and enjoying yourself is the greatest luxury

Aqua Spa

Water as an element, water as therapy

The best hydrotherapy treatment in Ibiza, where water is a stimulating and relaxing element. Enter slowly, submerge little by little, close your eyes, stop listening to the outside world, start over again.

The gift of health and wellness

If you wish to contact us, you can do so by calling +34 971 806 850. You can also fill in the following form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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    Rituals Experience

    At Ibiza Gran Hotel Open Spa. Health and beauty treatments in Ibiza surrounded by luxury. Letting go and stopping the clock is the way to get back to being us.

    Open Beauty

    One of the most luxurious Beauty Salons in Ibiza

    Run by the company

    Offering a complete catalogue of innovative treatments for hair care, hands and feet, eyebrows and eyelashes with exclusive brands, as well as a make-up service. Routines and treatments for hair and scalp care, manicures and pedicures.

    Gym & Fitness

    Taking care of yourself also on holidays

    Our fitness room is equipped with cardiovascular and weight training equipment.

    Elliptical trainer, exercise bikes, treadmills, weight lifting machines and dumbbells. A new rowing machine with multidrive technology.

    Ask at the Open Spa reception for all the advantages of becoming a member of our Open Spa Club.

    In suite

    The most intimate and personalised experience

    Enjoy tranquillity, relaxation and spirituality with all five senses in your own suite.

    Ask for consultation directly at Open Spa or the Guest Experience Team desk.

    Gift Experiences

    Starting the day off on an even keel
    A gastronomic and exclusive awakening
    When spending time on yourself is a pleasure