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A luxuriously unique 5 star experience in Ibiza

Welcome to Ibiza Gran Hotel

A leisurely breakfast, a cocktail overlooking the sea

Cool off in the swimming pool, relax and pamper yourself in the spa. Rekindle the night, the party, the laughter and the knowing looks during an unforgettable summer at your 5 star hotel in Ibiza.

Spacious, full of little details, and with wonderful Mediterranean and Ibiza town views. Our private paradise, our heaven and our green oasis.


Time stands still on board

Find solace on board a Llaut, a traditional fishing boat and honour the depth of the Mediterranean Sea. Explore hidden coves along the coastline with your family or friends.

Excite your senses & inspire your spirit

We have taken care of everything so you can sit back, relax and savour every moment.

A flare for contemporary art
A private tour of Ibiza Gran Hotel’s exclusive art collection.
Dive right in
Diving with National Geographic Marine Expert and Photographer, Manu San Félix.
Wellness Day
Beauty and wellness day to enjoy with the little ones.

Get lost among the uninterrupted vineyards at Bodegas Can Rich and delight in the flavours of the island’s finest organic vineyard with an exclusive wine flight and tasting menu at La Gaia. Or learn to prepare a feast that celebrates the island’s abundant harvest.

Ancient architecture and timeless style.

A historic tour of Dalt Vila and exclusive access to the island’s finest boutiques hosted by the island’s prominent fashionista, Anita Moreno.

Exceptional service. Expecting the unexpected

That’s what makes us feel unique and special. Exclusive service and attentiveness, the utmost dedication to every small detail to make the biggest ones sparkle.

The pursuit of excellence, being non-conformist, meticulous, and curious. Always wanting to improve, always putting you first at this luxurious hotel in Ibiza.

The Spirit of Ibiza

Dalt Vila is a walled city in Ibiza that has been named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. It stands at the top of the picture-postcard that greets us every morning, and at its feet, the Mediterranean.

Gran Art hotel

Art is part of our very essence; it surrounds us at every corner, challenges us, makes us whole, it offers us parallel universes to immerse ourselves in

More than thirty contemporary artists have participated in our hotel’s spaces, creating a harmony between life, art and architecture to elevate the Ibiza Gran Hotel experience and turn it into a spiritual state of mind.

An extensive repertoire of vivid art in a wide range of styles that combines temporary installations with original works.

Transforming the pulse of the hotel and the feelings that we can enjoy during our stay.