Art Hotel

Ibiza Gran Hotel exhibits a markedly contemporary style, not only in its works of art but also in its design and urban essence, in its way of understanding the avant-garde and artistic trends, of service and comfort.

Within its walls is a sublime collection of art boasting more than 365 works created specifically for the hotel complex. An intense, colorful and fresh artistic repertoire comprising a wide variety of styles.

Earth, air, life, water and sky

Five elements that represent each of the floors of this truly luxurious hotel and that inspired a group of 28 contemporary artists, helping to liven up a unique and special place, a symbiosis of art and architecture.


Great works of art

Birth, life and death are mysterious manifestations. From this imaginary, artist Antoni Esteva created “Fecundació” (fertilisation), a piece which acts as a heartfelt tribute to life: a dance of eggs and sperm, suspended from the fifth floor, over the lobby.
On another note, “Náufragos” (castaways), by North American artist Nicholas Woods, renews the main façade of the hotel, offering an idyllic vision of a lucky shipwreck on an Ibizan beach. 45 hand-painted methacrylate plates depicting birds peering through vegetation, the profile of an ancient llaüt (lute) laying on the sand, some bottles of rum…