In recent years, handmade products have started to form a part of our lives again. In Ibiza Gran Hotel we back traditional methods and we work with select artisans, who offer special and unique products.
The secret of handcraft taste

An example is the breakfast buffet at Costa Mara Restaurant, which has included handmade items, such as Can Malacosta jams, made with hand-picked local fruit. We accompany our executive chef, Óscar Molina, during his visit to this traditional jam factory in Ibiza and we’ll try and reveal the key to its great taste.

The Can Malacosta canning factory is located very close to the township of San Carlos, Ibiza. As soon as you arrive, the aroma of fresh fruit enthrals our senses. The owner, Vicente Roig, invites us to tour the facilities while he explains how the peach, nectarine, strawberry and fig jam is made that we serve every morning for breakfast.

The secret of handcraft taste

“The first step, and perhaps the most important, is selecting and hand picking the best of each type of fruit”, explains Roig. “One picked, it’s cleaned, disinfected and cut by hand with care, paying attention to the quality of the product at all times. Then the fruit is slow-cooked. Sugar is added, but no dyes or preservatives are used. Once the jam is prepared, it is canned at between 90 and 105 degrees Celsius, hermetically sealing the jars to ensure a vacuum seal and preserve the best quality of product possible.

The colour of the jam gives us a clue as to its 100% handcrafted preparation: since it varies depending on the season the fruit was picked in. We take a pause to look at the different types of fruit trees and learn how to pick the best from them. We conclude our rural journey aware of the luxury we’ve been a part of: the luxury of what is truly genuine.