More than 50 selected guests, including food critics, public authorities, the Spanish media and some personal friends had the privilege of taking part in small groups in a slow tasting session. Each of the dishes was presented at the different tables to a perfectly measured rhythm that ran smoothly from the start of the evening to the end under the dual control of Mario Sandoval and Óscar Molina.

After 3 years immersed in nikkei cooking and the concept of “Japeruvian Cuisine” the drive and curiosity to try new things and to surprise has led La Gaia to take a step further on its path. This quest for excellence and sophistication is focusing on its immediate surroundings. Ibiza, the Balearic Islands and the Mediterranean are the sources for the new culinary direction at La Gaia, “Mediterranean Kaiseki”.

“I think that the changes we have undergone are due to the challenges and legacy of our experience. It is a gastronomic project with a strong presence of Ibiza, but without making use of the cooking traditions of the island”, Molina admits.

The main ingredients in each of the dishes in this dinner prepared by the two chefs were experience, research, technique, creativity, care, innovation and teamwork. They were presented in a set of tableware that was genuinely sophisticated but far from extravagant, adding another memorable touch to the dinner.