The Elemis Face & Body Sensation treatment combines a hot stone body massage with an innovative facial anti-aging treatment.

This massage ritual is just one of the Open Spa selection of “Open Emotions” Wellbeing Therapies and constitutes the ideal way to recharge the batteries while on holidays.

A hot stone massage combines traditional massage therapy with the application of varying-temperature stones to the skin surface, thereby allowing vital energies to flow freely and helping to alleviate physical and emotional disorders. In terms of wellbeing the benefits of the therapy are simply incredible and include the relief of muscular pain, elimination of skin toxins through perspiration and improved blood circulation – benefits that are achieved through the application of stones that vary in temperature from 8 to 50o C.

The finishing touch to this wellbeing experience comes in the form of our Visible Brilliance facial treatment, which uses microcirculation massage techniques to both relax the body and create a lifting effect without the need for surgery. In order to achieve this our Open Spa therapists employ revolutionary products that both renew the skin on a cellular level and supply it with amino acids. The treatment is then capped off with a neck and arm massage that intensifies even more the feeling of relaxation.