The Ibiza Gran Hotel’s 10th anniversary has come at the perfect time to continue strengthening its position as the only 5-star Grand Luxe hotel in Ibiza. A 10-year journey and an experience we would like to share with you.

Ibiza Gran Hotel is one of those privileged places in the world which thanks to its values, manages to encompass the culture of detail in different and charming spaces in the most elegant way possible.

Exclusivity, wellness, rest and comfort in a unique and extraordinary complex located in the heart of Ibiza, which has prioritised concepts including luxury, excellence in service and contemporary Mediterranean-ness since it opened.


Each of these values appear simple to follow, but only long-term dedication and commitment has enabled us to come so far on this impeccable journey. A 10-year history in which the success of each and every one of the decisions made has transformed the hotel into a reference point for the luxury and sophistication of the “White Island”.

When you combine the finesse and care put into every detail by a team committed to one project, with this extraordinarily exquisite environment, the result is a series of unique and personalised experiences which offer guests the most stylish facilities on the Island of Ibiza.

In celebration of its tenth anniversary, Ibiza Gran Hotel revamps its image with the introduction of a new identity developed by Barcelona-based agency, Mucho. The hotel has also expanded its facilities, now with 28 new rooms, one of which has already become the most exclusive suite on the island: the Ibiza Luxury Gran Suite.

Perhaps the place where these 10 years have passed by the slowest is the Open Spa. A group of four different spaces dedicated to wellness and relaxation, where expert, soothing hands can take care of you with a combination of treatments and therapies by exclusive organic beauty and natural cosmetic brands.


La Gaia restaurant is at the heart of the gastronomic anniversary celebrations as it has kicked off the season with a gastro-social event where dishes by Óscar Molina and José Avillez will always be remembered as those present at the relaunch of this space, led by the “Japeruvian” philosophy.

Those who have had both the pleasure and privilege of letting their senses run free in each and every one of the different spaces at Ibiza Gran Hotel over these ten years will be lucky enough to be able to look back, remember their experiences and say that they were part of the history of this brand which has been transformed into an experience and landmark in a destination like Ibiza.

A history that will, without a doubt, continue to surprise us each season, going above and beyond guest’s expectations, year after year.